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Plum Green Tea Oil Free Moisturizer 50ml

Rs 753


FIGHTS PIMPLES AND CLARIFIES SKIN: This fragrance-free moisturizer is power-packed with green tea,

a natural antioxidant that helps in controlling excess oil, and fighting pimples along with niacinamide

that helps to even out skin tone.

LONG-LASTING HYDRATION: Enriched with natural moisturizers like squalane and hyaluronic acid that gives

skin a boost of hydration, balances moisture levels, and plumps skin.

LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA:The cooling gel formula of this oil-free moisturizer easily absorbs into the skin

and provides a non-sticky matte finish, perfect for a shine-free look all day long.

CONSUMER-APPROVED RESULTS: Our plum previews consumer panel reported:

-7 in 10 women felt reduced oiliness post 8 hours of application**

-89% felt their skin was oil-free post application*

-8 in 10 women noticed plump, supple & hydrated skin*

-70% noticed an increase in skin nourishment*

-30% felt an increase in skin's radiance

*self-assessment on 56 subjects over 3 weeks.

**self-assessment on 49 subjects with oily skin over 3 weeks.

green-tea oil free moisturizer benefits:

*fights pimples

*controls excess oil

*provides long-lasting hydration

*non-sticky moisturization

features of green-tea oil free moisturizer:

*lightweight & quick-absorbing

*non-greasy after feel




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