Equated Monthly Installment- EMI (Kistabandi) in Nepal is one of the products offered by different banks in Nepal with help of merchants to serve its users. EMI-Buy Now Pay Later is a service offered to people by banks and merchants, consumers who don't want to pay for products at once due to whatever reason. Kistabandi helps people to use funds for some other works where money brings the monthly cost of the products and services. Online Saathi Online Shopping in Nepal is a destination for all the EMI needs of consumers and customers.

What are the products & services offered in EMI?

Mobiles, Laptops, Tv & Appliances, Automobiles, Jewelry, Furniture, Travelling, Surgery, Software, and Education are some of the products offered in EMI in Nepal. But there are various other small products that are included in EMI in the coming days. Online Saathi has worked hard to integrate with banks and make this available PAN Nepal.

EMI Types and Names

  • Standard EMI

Standard EMI is the EMI where people will purchase the products and services and pay some interest (3%-24%) depending on nature and time period. A credit card is necessary and can apply along with quotations that you can download from If you already have a credit card and there is a credit limit available it will take 1 day or 2 hardly to apply and get DO however in case of no credit card it will take anything between 3-10 days.

  • No cost EMI

No cost EMI is the feature where products are purchased in easy installments with 0% interest. A credit card is a must-have thing for no cost  EMI and it is for short period like 3-6 months. very few banks are offering No cost EMI in Nepal. 0% EMI available now on Online Saathi.

  • Debit Card EMI

Debit card EMI is the EMI that is offered by banks if you have decent transaction history in banks and to students have a good financial background. Since there is no collateral the transaction history and background are important here. The limit will be low here and the period is also short in debit card EMI.

Banks that are offering EMI in Nepal 

Various banks have played an important role to make it easy for customers to avail these facilities using the Online Saathi shopping portal. Banks like:-

  1. Global Bank
  2. Siddhartha Bank
  3. Mega Bank
  4. Machapuchare Bank
  5. Nabil Bank
  6. Sunrise Bank
  7. Century Bank
  8. Sanima Bank
  9. Sanima Bank
  10. NIC Asia Bank
  11. Citizen Bank
  12. Kumari Bank
  13. Nepal Investment Bank

We are also talking with Pravu Bank, Laxmi Bank, and more banks to provide these facilities in a more effective way.

  • How to buy products in EMI from Online Saathi?

Visit > Select Products or service > Download quotation/ or pay with credit card > Apply for EMI Conversion.

For No cost, EMI directly makes a purchase with a credit card and then applies for conversion.

Online Saathi 0% EMI now available 

Online saathi 0% EMI available also known as no-cost EMI is now available in Nepal. EMI as we all know much easy with online saathi.