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Rs 289,900


  • Dual-Front Wheel Technology System (DDWT-S)
  • Lightweight Body
  • Tri-Wheel Styling
  • Customized 1200W Bosch Motor
  • LCD Display
  • Auto Adapting LED Lamp
  • Integrated Tail Light
  • Lithium Battery with Intelligent Battery Management System
  • Three-Disc Brakes with e-ABS System
  • Roll-Lock System
  • Cruise Control
  • Keyless Start
  • Portable Battery Storage Compartment


  •  This three-wheeler features a tri-wheeling styling, designed with geometric elements for its main body shape.
  • It gets a high-quality plastic build and the front and rear sections get LED lights and an LCD display panel.
  • It is powered by a 1200W Bosch Motor capable of going to a top speed of 45 kmph comes with a 48V26Ah Lithium battery packing in a range of 50 km at 45 kmph and 75 km at 25 kmph.
  • The charge time of the battery takes about 5-6 hours and comes with an Intelligent Battery Protection System.


Model iTANGO
Services product with services

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