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Bblunt Curly Hair Shampoo 400 ml

Rs 1,118


Bblunt Curly Hair Shampoo 400 ml



Product details of Bblunt Curly Hair Shampoo 400 ml

  • Curls are not just a hair type but a lifestyle! BBLUNT Curly Hair Moisturizing Shampoo is the first step to those oh-so-good curls. It is enriched with the supremely hydrating goodness of Organic Coconut Water & Jojoba Oil to double up on that moisture boost that every curly head craves. This ingredient combination promises to gently cleanse, quench and nourish without stripping your curls off their natural moisture and lending shine as an added plus. The shampoo has been made especially for Indian hair, weather, and water to help you indulge and embrace your hair's natural texture.
  • Moisturizes & Nourishes
  • With super moisturizing ingredients like Coconut Water and Jojoba Oil in the shampoo, the results are oh-so-good nourished curls!
  • Enhances Curls
  • Who doesn’t love those perfect curls? Say hello to healthy, shiny, bouncy curls with this shampoo that deeply nourishes.
  • Thoroughly Cleanses
  • Designed especially for Indian hair needs, the shampoo deeply cleanses the scalp and hair while retaining the hair’s moisture.


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