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Samsung 7.2KG Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (WT72M3000HP/TL)

NRS 21300 NRS 24990

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Brand: Samsung
Model No: WT72M3000HP/TL
Capacity: 7.2KG
Door: Top Loading
Type: Semi-Automatic

Description :

Long-lasting durability
The new Samsung Semi Automatic Washing Machines are built to last and empowered with features that prevent the formation of rust. These advanced machines have a plastic body which is non-corrosive and rustproof.
Powerful cleaning
Get your clothes thoroughly clean with Double Storm, a powerful dual jet system that varies the flow of water to move fabrics around the drum. Horizontal and vertical currents of water deeply clean clothes and sheets without tangling or twisting them.
Powerful filtration and easy cleaning
A Magic Filter effectively gathers the lint, fluff, and particles that come out of your clothes, so everything stays cleaner and your drainage doesn’t get clogged up. And it is extremely easy to clean.
Drying faster
Wet clothes and blankets take a long time to dry, especially when you’re line-drying in a humid climate. During the spin cycle, the Air Turbo Drying System rotates the drum rapidly, while dual air intakes draw in more air. By extracting more water from your clothes, then it helps them dry faster.

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