How to prevent yourself from Coronavirus (COV-19)

How to prevent yourself from Coronavirus (COV-19)

Coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19, the official name given by WHO is still affecting people around the Globe. China is majorly affected by it. Most people who become infected show symptoms like minor fever and cold. In a situation like this, people around the globe need to stay calm and informed. Presently there is no such medicine or vaccine to cure coronavirus. However, it can be prevented by the following measures: -


1. Wash your hands frequently

Wash your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rubs such as sanitizer or soap and water to prevent yourself from coronavirus.

2. Put on the mask

Put on the mask while you are sneezing and coughing. Wash your hands before wearing the mask and replace it with a new one. Remove the mask from behind while disposing of the mask. Please note that the mask alone can’t prevent the virus


3. Avoid handshake

Avoid handshake and move on to Namaste while greeting. Do not touch the nose and eyes with unwashed hands after social interactions. This may surface and can pick up the virus

4. Maintaining distance with people who are having cough and sneeze.

5. Do yoga in your home and respiration boosting exercise. Which boosts immune and makes you prepared for fighting with diseases.

6. Eat healthy and hygienic food containing vitamin C and foods that are good for the immune system.

7. Stay calm and be informed, educate people about good practice and stay away from fake news and myth to prevent yourself from coronavirus.

8. If you have a fever cough and breathing problem, please visit the nearest hospital and seek immediate medical care.

9. Stay at home if you feel unwell.

10. Stay updated with WHO guidelines and suggestions released by it from time to time.


Coronavirus impacted people mostly in China and South Korea so far however cases are there in other countries as well. People of all ages are vulnerable to this virus however, kids and people aged 40 years of old are mostly affected by it. Risk is more for kids and older people hence our duty to keep them informed and keep them safe to prevent yourself from coronavirus.


Do not promote and share the myth and fake news related to coronavirus on your social media. Few myths are: -

  1. Goods from china will bring coronavirus 
  2. Cold weather is more likely to spread coronavirus
  3. Guaranteed medicine to cure coronavirus
  4. Mask alone can save you from getting infected
  5. Hot water bath can cure the disease

stay aware and updated of the latest information on COVID-19 available on national health organization or world health organizations. Coronavirus virus is still affecting the people of China and around the globe and let us support the medical practitioner and doctors for their remarkable work and work ethics. We pray to go to bring health and harmony soon and bless everyone with good health. (a reference to this article taken from WHO website)


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