Can online classes during lockdown in Nepal lead to digital transformation

Background of Digital Education in Nepal 

Back then, information was stored in books with very little technological advancements limited to only typewriters and projectors. But, over the years, we’ve experienced shifts from mechanical and analog electronic technology to digital electronics. Access to various sectors like banks, schools, shops, etc. has been made easier. Higher education has been revolutionized in more ways than we could imagine in the last few decades. Education is not rudimentary in the present day. One doesn’t need to show their physical presence in a classroom to learn things.

The Digital Revolution, which is believed to have begun from the early 50s, marked the beginning of the Information Era. But in the context of Nepal, digitalization is still a foreign concept to many people. Information Technology is not as old as Nepal was a late starter in modern science and technology. However, the current lockdown has somewhat helped people understand digitalization. Online learning is one of the most useful results of digitalization. 

Can online classes during the lockdown in Nepal lead to digital transformation?

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has sparked an online learning boom in Nepal too. 

Nearly 63% of the total population in Nepal has access to the internet as per the most recent data. Ever since the lockdown was endorsed in our country, students from different universities and schools have been attending classes regularly via applications like Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.

Institutions like Islington College, Kathmandu University, etc. haven’t let the current situation affect them and their students. Different school level institutions have also resorted to online education. This has embarked on a new education system in the country and has also given light to a digital nation and e-learning. 

While it might be true that e-commerce hasn’t been a foreign term since the past few years, the same cannot be said about e-learning.

Recently, Ncell launched a mobile class data pack in collaboration with TU  that will assist the University students to attend online classes and learn from a distance in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Thus, e-learning has taken digitalization up a notch in Nepal. If this gets prioritized dutifully, online education can be made possible even without a pandemic. The true semester system can also be introduced among many other things. And this can also encourage other sectors to encompass digitally. A digital nation can be built up gradually. 

Again, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, we can only hope that this concept is given more priority even in the coming days. And building a digital nation won’t become a part of our dreams. Imagination will be turned into reality. Hopefully, sooner than later. 

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