Apple iPhone 13—Expected Features, Pricing, Launch Date, Rumors?

Apple fans out there, like most of us, you also might be waiting for the upcoming
iPhone flagship--- the iPhone 13. Although quite a late Apple had rolled out its flagship series-
iPhone 12 the last year 2020, and with the start of the new year 2021, we are hoping for a
new flagship.
So, what have we come to know of Apple’s upcoming flagship series in 2021 so far? Let’s a
quick look out at it.
2021 Apple Flagship—iPhone 13 (Everything we know)

First on, will Apple’s upcoming flagship be called the iPhone 13? Probably, the answer is
YES for that. Glancing at Apple’s late portfolio, we feel that the American tech giant is going with this name. However, some reports also suggest that Apple is going with the name
‘iPhone 12s’. Well, we have to wait for the firm itself to confirm that.
So, what will Apple pack the upcoming iPhone 13 with? Here is what we have known so far as
per rumors and leaks. And note that, it is just a rumored fact, without the official confirmed one.
Expected Specs
Design and Display
Alike its younger sibling (iPhone 12), the upcoming iPhone 13 model is also expected to boast
similar screen sizes. This implies that the 2021 iPhone model will also be arriving in three
different screen sizes.

 5.4-inch OLED display
 6.1-inch OLED display
 6.7-inch OLED display
Excitingly, it’s expected that Apple will be upgrading its display game this year releasing 120Hz
ProMotion display technology in the new 2021 model iPhones.

In terms of camera design, Apple might somewhat inherit the design from the previous line-up in
the new flagship too. But the camera game might be modified a little as Apple might probably
add sapphire glass to cover the three lenses in the new iPhone line-up. This way, instead of
three separate lenses, it might give a glance at a single camera.
Moreover, highlighting on the tech part, some improvements such as a better sensor-shift
stabilization, 2.5x optical zoom feature is highly expected. And with the improvements in
hardware and sensor, the camera game is going to change in the new flagship.
Processor and Performance
The previous iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro were powered by Apple’s A14 Bionic processor.
However, this time iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 might be boasting the newest Apple
processor, the A15 Bionic chip (probably).

Although the information is wholly not confirmed the A15 Bionic chip is also said to be built
on a 5nm process as of its predecessor (A14). Nonetheless, the A15 chip is going to be
much powerful and enhanced.
Connectivity and Ports

We can expect the upcoming iPhone flagship to arrive with 5G support as we had
already discerned it in the previous model. But unlike last year when the iPhone 12 5G was only
distributed in US markets, the 5G version of the new iPhone will be available across all the
Highlighting the ports part, rumors suggest that the upcoming iPhone 12s/iPhone 13 will go
port-less. This implies that the newer version iPhone will be missing its classic Lightning port.
So, that mean we need to buy a separate wireless charger for the upcoming iPhone flagships?
Maybe we should.

Expected Release Date, Pricing?
Sadly, like every year, there is no specified date for the upcoming iPhone 13’ s release and the
price tag too. So, we expect Apple will disclose this facet before its official announcement like
every year.
However, like previous year when the release dates of the iPhone 12 were postponed due to global
health crisis, we might not face the same scenario in 2021.
Aren’t you excited to have a first look at Apple’s upcoming flagship machine?

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